Printer Support & Service Coverage

We believe in offering premium services that meet all your needs. There are some reasons WHY YOU NEED OUR Free Printer Support & Service Coverage:

1. There are limited laser printer repair companies in Hawaii. Your options are limited, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find quality service. Work with Excalibur Print Systems to provide you with this highly technical repair service.

2. FREE laser printer repairs! While other companies charge around $75-150 per hour to repair your laser printer, Excalibur Print Systems does it for free when you purchase your cartridges from us.

3. You need printer fleet maintenance but are working with a tight budget. Because our repair services are free when you purchase your printing products from us, you will save a considerable amount of money while maintaining your fleet for less then what most companies pay for just their supplies.

4. Your office printer is down and you need it back up ASAP to get the work you need to do done. Our speedy technicians can be on site usually within the next day or two.

5. You have worked with out-of-state printer tech support and have found them difficult and time consuming to work with. We know it can be difficult to understand foreign operators, and you may get a support specialist that is not knowledgeable in laser printer repair. When you work with us, you won’t face these issues with our Hawaii customer service representatives. If your printer is out of warranty or never had a warranty you may have to pay money to speak with a service technician, but not with us. We can often diagnose the problem in minutes and offer a solution.

6. Setting up a new printer can be challenging, and it can be costly. Often, it’s not as easy as just plugging in the printer. You need to spend time and money installing and configuring a new printer and may need an expert to help. Your printer may not be compatible with existing software. Because Excalibur Print Systems offers you free laser printer repair, you can save time, money and avoid the headache of installing a new printer. Have our technicians simply repair your existing printer at no cost instead of buying a new one.

7. Your IT personnel aren’t trained in troubleshooting and repairing your laser printers. Since IT personnel don’t repair printers on a daily basis, it is understandable that they may not have the full knowledge or the time for laser printer repair. Let us assume the responsibility of keeping your printer fleet online while allowing the IT department to concentrate on other projects and issues.

8. Most repairs don’t require parts so why consider going through the hassle and additional expense of replacing a printer. We will repair your printer for free.

9. I have hundreds of dollars’ worth of cartridges for my printer, but now it is not functioning properly and I want to purchase a new one. Call the experts at Excalibur Print Systems so you don’t have to buy a new printer and throw out expensive cartridge stock. In the event that we cannot repair your printer, we may be able to exchange your cartridges for new ones or offer you store credit for future purchases.