About Excalibur

Running a business takes a lot of time and money. Finding cost-effective solutions to help you save money while still offering quality products and services to your clients is essential. One business essential that no one can do without is printer toner. But how been many times have you surprised and upset over the exorbitant costs of printer cartridges? I’ve been there. As a business owner running a family business, I have always been astonished at how much money we were spending on toner. After years of spending our hard-earned revenue on toner, I knew there had to be a better and cheaper way to get business owners the toner they need.

In order to come up with a solution, I went through technical training to learn the ins and outs of all things related to the eloctrophotography laser printer technology so we could better serve our clients while offering them the printing supplies they need at an attractive price. Out of my business experiences and formal education, a new business, Excalibur Print Systems & Supplies, was born.

Premium Services

At Excalibur Print Systems, we believe that the customer is the lifeblood of our success. We not only provide our customers with cost-effective printing solutions and supplies, but we offer them additional services to let them know how much we appreciate their business. At Excalibur Print Systems, we provide our customers with free printer repair and support to show our appreciation. This helps our valued customers save money while allowing us to express our gratitude for their continued business. You won’t find any other business in the industry offering such services, setting us apart from the crowd.

Making A Difference

There is a lot of competition in the printing services and supplies market. Big name companies like Xerox and Toshiba offer printer maintenance, but clients must usually have to commit to a multiple year contract and are exposed to minimum rates to receive the contract’s services. There are other players on the scene, but they only provide printing supplies and do not offer free repair services. Our model of providing you with the printing supplies you need and free printer repair services when you purchase our laser cartridges is unique to the industry.
A number of clients enjoy our exceptional products and customer service, with a Hawaii hospital group being our largest. We also serve the Department of Education, who value our technical expertise in laser printer repair. Excalibur Print System is also a proud partner for the US military, providing them with cost-effective pricing, service support and excellent customer service. No matter what industry you are in and no matter what the size of your business is, we can provide you with the exceptional laser printer repair service and quality supplies you need.




Save more money by taking advantage of our free printer maintenance services.


Now you can save 30%-50% and get free printer repair for laser printers. No hidden costs!


Affordable pricing, free delivery and repair, premium quality products and services that exceed all your expectations.